26 Feb 2017

My current Crush-List || Pink Walls, Metallics & Mexico

I am currently having a huge crush on three things:
1. Pink Walls
2. Metallics
3. Mexico
And I'm going to talk about these three mentioned above in todays post!
First the Pink Wall...

23 Feb 2017

Faux or not Faux, that is the question

We've all been at that point, when our classic winter coat just feels worn out and might even seem boring...

20 Feb 2017

An unexpected Way to show off your Feet

If I'm obsessed with something, then it must be with these Kitten Heeled folded shoes!!!!
Not only because of the extremely modern design, of the folded back ( as seen on several Gucci Loafers throughout the last season ) but also the cool as hell Zebra-like pattern. Could there  be a better way to substitute the long known leo-print? 
- I guess not.
Throughout the last couple of years designers have tried to invent new and unexpected

16 Feb 2017

The One-Shoulder Top | The 2017 Off-Shoulder Blouse

Many months and endless debates later, there finally is a result: the Off-Shoulder Blouse Trend is officially over (not completely forbidden to wear though... I couldn't bear to say goodbye to my beloved OSB!) but don't disappear, because I guess there are many people out there that have fallen in love with that subtle way of showing skin and this year a whole new way of doing that has showed up!

10 Feb 2017

The Mexican Basket it Bag

There is no better way to incorporate this spring/ summer 2017's key trends of statement stripes & super brights than...

7 Feb 2017

The Puffer Coat | This Seasons Mega Trend

When we think about winter fashion our minds immediately float to a universe where tumblr worthy girls walk around in skirts with fishnet tights a super cool coat and a light sweater...don't get me wrong, who does NOT want to dress like that this season? But to be honest, it might be good for an Insta pic, but who would dare to walk around like that, freezing, when it's almost 0° outside??? Which is why I thank the Fashion Gods for creating this mega trend, that has been dominating the streets of all fashion capitals ever since last autumn...

1 Feb 2017

LIFE UPDATE || Mexico, Hamburg, Norway & more

 How are you guys? I think it’s time for a new LIFE UPDATE post! What do you think? The last time I updated you on the happenings of my life was before coming to Mexico, and there are a few mentionable things that have happened since then. Well, as you all know,