7 Jan 2017

The New Flare | San Miguel de Allende

You know how Flared Jeans and Kick Flares where everywhere to be found last spring and summer? 'Cause if you're a huge fan of the lately hyped loose fitted jeans trend, I assure you that this one will be your next favourite!

All you need to complete this 2017 version of flares is a pair of flared jeans, the next step is to fold up the hem about as high as your shin and you're good to go. This trend looks best when styled with a bright and colourful rather basic blouse or other sort of top as it is quite an eye-catcher itself. 
As for shoes it's up to you, I prefer to wear flared jeans with heels because I don't like the effect of the wide leg with flats but if you do let me assure you that it looks perfectly fine too. But to obtain that Miranda Kerr like look I would go for heels (they don't have to be very high to make an effect!), which should either be nude or match the colour of your blouse.
This might be the lazy diy way of kick flares, but I think it looks really cool and can even be worn in colder climates than here in Mexico, all you have to do to make them cold-proof is to layer them over a pair of fishnet-tights and wear a cozy warm knit instead of the blouse!

-X, Maria

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