3 Jan 2017

The Italian Way

This dress I'm wearing has a little story to hoe how I obtained it, and as you know me I love telling you guys about all the funny little details I come past while buying stuff so here comes the next one:

I bought this black lace dress when I was in Bordeaux, it was Halloween and my friend and I had actually decided to go as Shadowhunters, because we had all it took to create this costume, but because we thought nobody would understand what that was we decided to go shopping and find a new one...
so there we were running around Rue Saint Catherine (the shopping street) at 19.00 desperately trying to find something before the shops closed. In the end I decided to actually go for the costume I had wanted to try for so long, a Catrina! I had everything ready for the make up but nothing to wear, in the end it was 20.50 and I had bought a dress that I didn't like and was actually thinking about just going as a Shadowhunter after all, when we walked past Stradivarius on our way home and I saw the dress hanging in their window.... you might already have guessed which dress I'm talking about :) so I went inside and bought it. When I tried it on at home it was perfect and the make-up turned out surprisingly good (perfect for my poor skills in doing make-up!!!). In the end we had a lot of fun that evening and when I went through the photos the next day I could only think of one thing when seeing my outfit, Dolce & Gabbana... I don't know why but somehow this dress with the gold earrings and the red lipstick looks like a D&G commercial... I mean this outfit just screams italian style, it's very feminin, elegant and modern yet somehow looks traditional at the same time. I felt super sophisticated wearing this dress and am already thinking of other ways of how to wear and style it :)


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