16 Jan 2017

Orange is the new Black

…and so I’ve been saying for quite a while now, NOT referring to the Netflix series obviously ! Everything we know about this bright and juicy colour is that no matter when you wear it, it will definitely look hot, hot, hot!!! But how are you supposed to wear it, might be the next question…
you can of course wear bright orange accessories to brighten up your otherwise basic outfit, but to go all the way and do it the 2017-way you will have to be quite brave and wear head to toe orange (or red). This might seem a bit shocking at first but once you’ve tried it you won’t want to take it off! Another way you could wear it, would be by combining a bright red or orange skinny jeans with same toned heels and bag, paired with a modern blouse (or sweater depending on the weather) in the same colour. The version that you can see in this post is a rather summery one, but even here you can go all bright by adding a pair of red shoes for example. 
The trick is to be brave, even if it seems like too much and too orange in your head, just try it; just think about it, no one hardly ever complains about a head to toe look being too black…it really all depends on the styling, think of it like a refreshing new way of the fool-safe black combination and if you like what it looks like, WEAR IT!!!

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