24 Jan 2017

Layer it all on me

It’s not a secret anymore, layering clothes is what has kept us stylish and warm these last few winters! So no doubt that this trend will stay for 2017!!! Even though this might seem easy to do, there are a few steps to follow, so that you become a master of layering! 
Number one is that you can layer whatever you want with whatever you like, that’s the whole point of layering, because this way you will be able to wear that cute flower dress when it’s  -10° outside or both your silk top and long sleeved shirt at once, when you could not decide whether to go classy or comfy… The second step is that you should try to dress after length and size, this means that you should start with the biggest sized item and step after step make your way through to the smallest and then (if you choose to wear one) put a coat or jacket on top of it; this way you will prevent to hide items under too big layers.
Step three would be to stay away from layerings like a jumper and a coat … because let’s be honest, that is sooo 2016! This year is all about standing out and making a statement with your outfit, so you will need more layers to do so.
Of course you can experiment a bit and alternate these steps, but if you follow them you will most certainly have the result that you were hoping for.
I love layering, not only because it looks breathtakingly cool and gives you an instant air of french “I woke up like this and I don’t care”, but also because unlike most other trends and styles this one is actually capable of looking fashion forward while keeping you warm!!! 


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