19 Jan 2017

Belt it up || How to make your flirty dress look 2017

As the first month of 2017 is coming to an end, we can start to make out a certain pattern of styles and trends that we can name as so 2017.  To sum it up for you try to stick to this pattern the following months: bright-floral-80’s-statement making and wearable.
What is best about this is that several trends and items from last year can easily be transformed to the 2017 style. One of the key pieces for a 2017 outfit is for example your favourite flirty dress.
To make it look up to date all you have to do is belt it up! Take your favourite belt (preferably a sparkly one!) and wrap it up around your waist, which will also accentuate your waist. This will already look pretty 2017, but if you’re not satisfied yet, I have a few more things you can add to make your outfit even more modern: Layering! The long known cold-weather-favourite amongst fashion-people, just put a classic blazer on top of everything and you’re good to go. 
One last tip, remember that I told you about florals being extremely on trend this spring? It might not seem super groundbreaking (remember Miranda in The Devil wears Prada….?) but this year you have to wear it head to toe, to make it statement worthy. In this case you could chose a dress and blazer with the same floral pattern, which will be broken by the belt!

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