13 Jan 2017


We’ve all been at the point where we travel to a far away warm country where we plan to visit touristic attractions, tan our legs while walking along unknown streets and eating promising snacks along the way… and of course we want to look stylish while showing off our very special holiday outfits we’ve probably been saving up for this trip, but there is always that small fear of  ending up being the centre of attention and not because the outfit looked dashing but because we look like the very commonly known image of a tourist. I suppose we all have the same image in mind, hawai-flower imprinted blouses (or dresses), a pair of white or beige shorts and trainers or black sandals with long white socks, to add the last accessory, the tourist would probably be wearing black sunglasses, a safari hat and a random bracelet or small accessory he/she found in the last souvenir shop… I can guess most of you do not want to look like this while getting to know knew cities and ancient cultures, but how can one avoid being a tourist and instead become a traveler???
Yes, there is a difference, the tourist (see the description above) visits the most famous places around takes a few photos to show off at home, enjoys the hot sun and then travels back home. Whereas the traveller arrives with a slight knowledge of the culture and place and gets involved with locals and visits those places not pictured in tourist guides, of course the traveller stops by centre spots like the Eiffel tower in Paris, but doesn’t make this his central spot of the journey. What matters to them is to get to know the way of living in that place and becoming a part of it and taking a piece of it back home… so the next time you travel think about what you would prefer to be, the tourist or the traveller. 
As for outfit ideas for the traveller, I would suggest to adapt your style A BIT to the inhabitant’s style and the weather, but still stick to your taste. If you travel to a warm destination do think of protection from the sun and opt for a nice straw hat that goes with your type of face, wear shorts and a blouse. I would (like I always recommend) stick to one item that is currently on trend, in this case I chose chokers (I count the off-shoulder blouse as a coming classic, which is why I don’t count it as an own trend ;) ).

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