25 Jan 2017

Bomber Jackets and Logo Tees are still a thing

You thought new year, new me, new clothes? Well you thought wrong on the last part of that phrase!!! Remember how I told you last fall about me actually considering buying myself a bomber jacket? Well hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen,

24 Jan 2017

Layer it all on me

It’s not a secret anymore, layering clothes is what has kept us stylish and warm these last few winters! So no doubt that this trend will stay for 2017!!! Even though this might seem easy to do, there are a few steps to follow, so that you become a master of layering! 

19 Jan 2017

Belt it up || How to make your flirty dress look 2017

As the first month of 2017 is coming to an end, we can start to make out a certain pattern of styles and trends that we can name as so 2017.  To sum it up for you try to stick to this pattern the following months: bright-floral-80’s-statement making and wearable.
What is best about this is that several trends and items from last year can easily be transformed to the 2017 style. One of the key pieces for a 2017 outfit is for example your favourite flirty dress.

16 Jan 2017

Orange is the new Black

…and so I’ve been saying for quite a while now, NOT referring to the Netflix series obviously ! Everything we know about this bright and juicy colour is that no matter when you wear it, it will definitely look hot, hot, hot!!! But how are you supposed to wear it, might be the next question…

15 Jan 2017


What can one say against a blue shirt? It’s a classic and comes in many forms and colours; either completely blue or striped, which are the most popular and commonly known colour forms.
But when you think of different forms you might only get the idea of a classic button down, so what could possibly be meant with a blouse having all sorts of different forms? 

13 Jan 2017


We’ve all been at the point where we travel to a far away warm country where we plan to visit touristic attractions, tan our legs while walking along unknown streets and eating promising snacks along the way…

7 Jan 2017

The New Flare | San Miguel de Allende

You know how Flared Jeans and Kick Flares where everywhere to be found last spring and summer? 'Cause if you're a huge fan of the lately hyped loose fitted jeans trend, I assure you that this one will be your next favourite!

5 Jan 2017

Top Secret Spring-Fashion Trend Preview

It's officially 2017 and that means that a lot of people decide for a fresh start and start off with their New Year's Resolutions. 
This means that there will also be a fresh start in the area of fashion:

3 Jan 2017

The Italian Way

This dress I'm wearing has a little story to hoe how I obtained it, and as you know me I love telling you guys about all the funny little details I come past while buying stuff so here comes the next one: