27 Nov 2017

DOT DOT DOT | Queen B would be proud

This just in. 
Tights (and maybe Tiaras as well) have returned,
without Miss B having it yet discerned...
So what would the queen herself do
just in case you want to pull off this trend too?

30 Oct 2017

Guess who's Back | RED

It's been a while now since I last posted, I hope you're all well and surviving without your weekly dose of MBT... :)
I've been quite busy the last few weeks with University which is why I haven't been able to update as much as I would have wanted to! But now that my first exams and my first Period is over I'm all yours again! 
As you might have noticed, it has started to get rather cold outside (it's Halloween tomorrow?!?), but due to my lack of time I have dozens of Outfits waiting to be posted, so I'm sorry if this rather "summery" outfit sends your daydreaming mind to somewhere far, far away with temperatures way higher than here...
But next to all this summer talk, you might already have guessed todays topic: 

22 Sep 2017

A Check(ed) List on how to wear this seasons Go-To Pattern

Ever since last Spring when we got to see all the up and coming trends of this years autumn/ winter, I was having a small bet with myself, that checked-pattern was to become a huge thing! Now that Autumn has sneaked its way into our lives, I can absolutely rectify my statement:

11 Sep 2017

I have this Thing with Skirts

We wear Jeans to school, we wear Jeans when meeting friends, we wear Jeans when grocery shopping and we sometimes even wear Jeans for work... we probably wear Jeans several days a week... don't get me wrong, I love Jeans, there is no other piece of clothing more versatile and cool than a pair of good old perfect fitting Jeans, but sometimes we just feel the urge to wear something new and exciting. So what about swopping those beloved denims for a skirt,

28 Aug 2017

Dernières Nouvelles: This Hat will become your new Best-Fall-Friend

You know how Fall is the time, when we need to start covering up with layers of clothes... well I totally understand that most people might not be completely intrigued by this idea, but let me tell you one thing that might brighten things up a little for you! There is a "new" hat Trend that slowly, but surely made it's way up, to become one of this years Autumn/Winter MUST WEAR pieces:

21 Aug 2017

LIFE UPDATE: Moving Out & University | VS Outfit Inspo

One year ago, I was mentally preparing to kick start my gap year with my friends in Bordeaux, flash forward and I am sitting in my Room in Maastricht ready to begin my Introduction week...

14 Aug 2017

This is what you should wear if you hate shorts | Cartagena

Some people prefer ketchup on top of their fries, other on the side, some people wake up and start their day after one alarm, while others need one every five minutes to actually make it out of bed. There are two types of people in everything, so evidently there are some decisions (fashion wise) that have to be made, like do you love or hate shorts?

10 Aug 2017

6 Facts you need to Know about Mules

As Coco Chanel once said "A Woman with good Shoes is never ugly"and she couldn't have been more right! We all know that by adding a pair of dashing shoes your otherwise innocuous Outfit can be turned from Cinderella to the unknown Beauty with the Glass Slippers. So that's why I'm introducing you to MULES, which are officially this Summers coolest-must-wear Shoes!

28 Jul 2017

I Can't Stop Wearing these Pants (And Neither Should You)

It’s a meaningful stamp of approval (and sign of well-spent money) when you can't stop wearing that one item that you recently bought. I have just that feeling with these Leather Kick Flares I bought -not so recently- at a Vintage Shop in Rotterdam (full story here). 

25 Jul 2017

Gingham-ing all Year Round

As much as we would love for summer to last forever, it unfortunately will come to an end sooner rather than later... but before we start falling into a heartbreaking Summertime Sadness, there is one thing we can already start looking forward to, and that is Fall Fashion! I also have some very good news for all of the hopeless-summer-lovers out there, because there is one of our very favourite Summer Trends that can easily be transitioned to colder days.
So don't pack away your summer clothes just yet !

20 Jul 2017

Alien Sunnies & Wrap Dresses

You might recall that Gucci released a variation of short videos this spring, showing Aliens and other extraterrestrial creatures wearing their "out of the world clothes". And if there is one thing we've learned in the past few seasons it's that if someone has the power of starting a new Trend it must be Gucci (think of the recently hyped Gucci-Shirt or the Gucci Loafer....need I say more?).

17 Jul 2017

How to obtain a Hollywood worthy Smile | CHARWHITE AD

We've all been at the point, when during one of those (much too) long drugstore hangs, we finally walk towards the long awaited toothpaste alley (which we actually came came for in the first place) and then stumble upon a selection of teeth whitening options. And quelle variety! There are millions and millions of ways and methods to whiten your teeth, but I have never dared to buy one. Dared to? Yes, if you think about the fact that chemicals or laser-like substances are supposed to whiten your teeth, it is pretty scary...

10 Jul 2017

How to master Scandinavian Minimalism | #Scandisummer

There's one thing that connects most women on this planet and that is the full dedication on following/ excelling at French-Girl-Style. Wether you are total fan of this or rather feel like this is absolument passé (except if you're actually French), like every new Season, it's time to move on and find a new spring of fashion-inspiration! 
And this, my dear friends is one region that I'm particularly happy about being "on Trend" right now, as it's one of my homes and it's a style, I've been into for so long. The attentive reader might already have guessed it, the new region you should be looking for inspiration is: Scandinavia.

27 Jun 2017

The most EXTRA Top you could possibly Wear

Just think of being in posession of the one thing that could give your daily Boomerang that extra Extra, hailing a Taxi would just get so much more exciting and recieve an extra touch of drama. And don't even let me get started how extremely breathtaking it will look every time you sing something...

20 Jun 2017

Your old Sweatshirt definitely deserves a Second Chance

It is a truth universally acknowledged that hoodies are a strong remainder of schlubby, snooze button-stay at home kinda days... well if we take a closer look at the most recent fashion shows we'll quickly notice that cozy apparel has become cool and has therefore been given the sophisticated name

12 Jun 2017

Wrap it up please | The Crossover Blouse

If your fashion pals have been dropping the word "wrap" in their latest conversations and that only left you wondering, if they were showing off their nutritional knowledge about the latest Superfood, then let me tell you, they have definitely not been referring to a new culinary experience, but much more talking about something COMPLETELY different: the Crossover Wrap Blouse!

9 Jun 2017

Airport Outfits | Fly in Style

What should I wear?!?! Yes, this is one of the most asked questions on a daily basis ... but what about when you're about to take a plane? 

6 Jun 2017

How a Gap Year changed my Style | Trondheim

As you all know, I'm currently doing a gap year, before going to University. What you also probably know, is that I've been traveling a lot this last year, first Norway then France, Tokyo, Mexico, The Netherlands, San Francisco and now Norway again... and during all this travelling back and forth something happened to me, which might actually happen to most of you when you go on holiday or travel anywhere: you suddenly start to dress differently!

1 Jun 2017

The Shoes We Should All Be Wearing Right Now

If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...or so they say... but today we'll not be talking about this beautiful city, but much more about shoes, because what woman does not love shoes?!? 
We love them, we desire them & we buy them (sometimes too many) and there are so many to choose from: flats, heels, sneakers, pumps, espadrilles, stilettos, wedges... but there is one specific type of shoe, women are quite ambivalent about...

22 May 2017

Life Update | Next Stop San Francisco

While you are reading this I am probably somewhere flying above the Atlantic ocean sitting between sleeping beauties and sleepless movie junkies (myself being one of the latter). 
Next Stop: 

21 May 2017

DO or DON'T: Matching Accessories to your Outfit

Every day when it's time to get dressed and start handling that packed (or not so much packed) lift of things to do, I look down at my outfit and think of which shoes, jacket, hat ... to wear. Then my inner me starts reflecting upon wether or not to go for matching colours of outfit & accessories?

15 May 2017


On some days our inner fashion guru really does show off on its best side and lets us create the coolest combinations and styles ever. But then there is always the question of accessorising... is it necessary? is it too much? or too little? Well there is one item you can always count on, that will get you out of this dilemma:

11 May 2017

Picnic Blanket turned über Trend | Gingham

Gingham here Vichy there... if you haven't heard someone talking about this or at least seen it on one of your Insta-Feed-Stalking Sessions, then you've really been living under a rock!

6 May 2017

Street Style Stalker | How to wear Jumpsuits

The Jumpsuit is surely the epitome of effortless styling, I mean how much easier can it get than putting on ONE SINGLE item, grab a pair of shoes, eventually a bag and that's it! Everyone who's anyone has been working one lately, while dressing it up with

2 May 2017

Spring Is Here And So Is Your New Go-To Trend

After our very much deserved bank holiday, we're now striving to think of how to create new stylings with our old clothes without wearing the same ensemble over and over again... well let me tell you this little styling secret basically anyone can add to their daily #ootd's without buying anything new, while even looking as fashion forward as it gets!!

29 Apr 2017

Jeans & T-Shirt never looked better

I have started to loose track of how many Jeans I actually own, but show me one and I'll have a story/ memory to tell about it! Which makes it even funnier, that I didn't own one single Levi's Jeans (OMG, she's got a Blog but no Levi's Jeans?!?!), shocking,

24 Apr 2017

When in Amsterdam || Vintage Shopping

Amsterdam...need I say more? It's such a beautiful city...if you've been following me on social media you might have gotten a glimpse of my short get-away to the Netherlands. The intention was actually to visit a university (in Rotterdam) but on the way back home, we thought we might as well make a quick stop in Amsterdam, which we did (for about 3 hours) and it was totally worth it! So what do you do, in one of the most famous and visited cities IN THE WORLD, when you only have three freaking hours?!? 

17 Apr 2017

The modern Cinderella | Here's why every girl should own a pair of silver boots

Thousands of girls are currently dancing around in the desert wearing denim cut-offs and see through dresses at Coachella, while it's still coat and boots kinda whether over here in Europe... I don't know about you but I can't really wait to walk out the house every morning without having to wear a warm enough jumper or remember to put on a scarf! Well I guess those days aren't very far, which is why

11 Apr 2017

The H&M Blouse everyone is going crazy about

Every season there is at least one High-Street item, that creates a fashion-hysteria almost worldwide! And of course we would normally prefer to wear that specific item before everyone else has it and that very special statement piece of yours becomes a mainstream street-style uniform...

8 Apr 2017

How to wear Leo-Print like a Pro

For girls, who are ready to get their claws into the new season, the question of whether or not to wear leo-print is pretty crucial! Is it still on trend, or how do London girls master the look without looking cheep? might be some of the thoughts running around your mind...

3 Apr 2017

How to wear your Jeans the right way

If you had a look at this seasons Fashion Week Street Style, you most probably noticed one particular thing, how everyone was wearing their favourite jeans...with a dress on top!?!?

1 Apr 2017

Beret avec some Ruffles s'il vous plaît

If there's a country we all love to draw fashion-inspiration from it has to be France! Who does not dream of looking as effortlessly dressed as the french mademoiselles do with that special je ne sais quoi ?
So here I have yet another french-inspired outfit for you!

28 Mar 2017

All-Black every Day || Favourite Boots

You know how we all start thinking: The temperatures are dropping....All black, everything black, the darker the better when we try to style our outfits
I don't know why we feel this sudden urge to go all emo-black, but if you think about it,

22 Mar 2017

Life (& Fashion Trend) Update

Hi everyone!
It's been quite a while since I last started a post like that... today I want to start with a short "Life Update" Post because I've noticed that you like those very much :)
As you know I returned from Mexico about three weeks ago,

20 Mar 2017

Where to shop Bridesmaid dresses | ad

As prom, wedding and party season is slowly approaching and we're all desperately looking for THE dress, which is supposed to make you look elegant but sexy at the same time and should make you stand out among the guests without steeling the main persons show... impossible? Well I found this website where you most probably will find the dress to wear to your prom, best friends wedding or any other special occasion (maybe even your own wedding)!

15 Mar 2017

The 2017 way of wearing Leggings | Fuseau Trousers

You know how I always tell you about trends that have been dominating social media and street style? Well this one is a "Trend", which has scarcely appeared on any of those.

13 Mar 2017

How to wear glitter and metallics the right way

If you think of A/W 17 Fashion Week, one of the things that should pop into your mind and definitely made a HUGE appearance were metallics/ sparkles.Just think of the Chanel Space Ship Show or the so often social media shared Saint Laurent Boots ( as seen on Rhianna!) .
Glittery Fashion has been a thing ever since the disco-glam 70's, this and metallics have been appearing ever since almost every single season.
But even though this is not such an unknown fabric, it still gets kind of tricky once we want to wear it...

9 Mar 2017

The Vetmenomenon 2.0

Less than a year ago I introduced you to a brand called Vetements, that launched only three years ago, which then was still a growing brand known and worn among fashion insiders only...but look at them now,

7 Mar 2017

Where them white Shoes at? | Last Mexico Post

White shoes have always been a difficult part of fashion... every time they're spotted on an influencer, model or celebrity people start to copy it and trends develop, that's no news, but have you ever noticed how critical people are towards everything white (fashion wise!) at first? Remember about three to four years ago, when the white sneaker trend really started to kick in (literally...)? A lot of people thought they looked like hospital shoes...

3 Mar 2017

26 Feb 2017

My current Crush-List || Pink Walls, Metallics & Mexico

I am currently having a huge crush on three things:
1. Pink Walls
2. Metallics
3. Mexico
And I'm going to talk about these three mentioned above in todays post!
First the Pink Wall...

23 Feb 2017

Faux or not Faux, that is the question

We've all been at that point, when our classic winter coat just feels worn out and might even seem boring...

20 Feb 2017

An unexpected Way to show off your Feet

If I'm obsessed with something, then it must be with these Kitten Heeled folded shoes!!!!
Not only because of the extremely modern design, of the folded back ( as seen on several Gucci Loafers throughout the last season ) but also the cool as hell Zebra-like pattern. Could there  be a better way to substitute the long known leo-print? 
- I guess not.
Throughout the last couple of years designers have tried to invent new and unexpected

16 Feb 2017

The One-Shoulder Top | The 2017 Off-Shoulder Blouse

Many months and endless debates later, there finally is a result: the Off-Shoulder Blouse Trend is officially over (not completely forbidden to wear though... I couldn't bear to say goodbye to my beloved OSB!) but don't disappear, because I guess there are many people out there that have fallen in love with that subtle way of showing skin and this year a whole new way of doing that has showed up!

10 Feb 2017

The Mexican Basket it Bag

There is no better way to incorporate this spring/ summer 2017's key trends of statement stripes & super brights than...

7 Feb 2017

The Puffer Coat | This Seasons Mega Trend

When we think about winter fashion our minds immediately float to a universe where tumblr worthy girls walk around in skirts with fishnet tights a super cool coat and a light sweater...don't get me wrong, who does NOT want to dress like that this season? But to be honest, it might be good for an Insta pic, but who would dare to walk around like that, freezing, when it's almost 0° outside??? Which is why I thank the Fashion Gods for creating this mega trend, that has been dominating the streets of all fashion capitals ever since last autumn...

1 Feb 2017

LIFE UPDATE || Mexico, Hamburg, Norway & more

 How are you guys? I think it’s time for a new LIFE UPDATE post! What do you think? The last time I updated you on the happenings of my life was before coming to Mexico, and there are a few mentionable things that have happened since then. Well, as you all know,

25 Jan 2017

Bomber Jackets and Logo Tees are still a thing

You thought new year, new me, new clothes? Well you thought wrong on the last part of that phrase!!! Remember how I told you last fall about me actually considering buying myself a bomber jacket? Well hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen,

24 Jan 2017

Layer it all on me

It’s not a secret anymore, layering clothes is what has kept us stylish and warm these last few winters! So no doubt that this trend will stay for 2017!!! Even though this might seem easy to do, there are a few steps to follow, so that you become a master of layering!