12 Dec 2016


The occasion for me not wearing any denim is pretty rare, why? 
One very short and simple answer: I LOVE IT!

You can wear it each season of the year, it can be worn almost everywhere and at anytime and it will always look super cool no matter what you style it with. But what about wearing denim on denim? 
It's nothing new and pretty popular, especially when it comes to styling denim Jackets, but most times people (like me ...) end up going for the safe option by combining two different shades of denim... but why is that so? 
Is it because of our constant fear to stick out too much or is it because we thought that one-tone-denim outfits got lost in the 80's?
When I found this little treasure of a Jacket in my Dads wardrobe it instantly reminded me of the 80's and the huge comeback they are having this season, so I got inspired to put together this rather masculine, Travolta style outfit and added a female flair with the accessories. 
I'm totally convinced that denim on denim in the same shade looks very fashion forward and not like you dressed up as a cowboy, and if so, you'll be a super stylish one!
So now it's up to YOU to embrace this (not so) new styling trick to look polished, modern and cool in 1-2-3.

Jacket - My Dad's (similar)

XXX, Maria

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