30 Dec 2016

Black & Blue is it really true?

I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays and spent some nice time with your loved ones! I had a wonderful christmas and am currently traveling around Yucatan with my family :)
But let’s get to talk about todays fashion topic:
Blue and Black… probably the most worn colours on a daily basis all around the world, yet are we not allowed to wear them mixed in one outfit!
This fashion kind of rule is quite known and therefore whenever one wears black & blue in one outfit you’ll earn an evel look or even comment like: “you know that you’re not supposed to be wearing those two colours in one outfit right?”….
But isn’t todays fashion not all about sticking out and being a rebel that turns against most of the rules of fashion? Your living proof for that is the brand Vetements which I have discussed in an older post here on the blog, so in my opinion now is just the right time to stepp a little bit out of the line and experience with “new” colour combinations! Of course with black and navy being my favourite colours to wear and more than 3/4 of my wardrobe consisting of that colour scale, this is not the first time I try this combination, and you know what? I LOVE IT!
As you all know black is a very elegant colour but even a head to toe black outfit can get boring, so to spice it up a little I added the blue detail of the blouse.
Also could you PLEASE check out this super cool personalised Choker, I love personalised things, if I were to decide I would have everything personalised with my initials :)


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