22 Dec 2016

A simple Rule to make your Bulky Sweater look even cooler

If you look down at what you're wearing right now what do you see? 
- Let me guess, it most surely consists of a bulky oversized sweater -

Even though it's very warm here in Mexico, it is still December and it tends to get quite warm in the evenings, so wearing a sweater paired with a skirt isn't only a fashionable but also a convenient decision.
But we've all come to the point when all of our nice shaping turtlenecks have been worn and we're not in the mood of wearing baggy oversized sweaters every single day, only because of the (maybe) not so flattering shape.
Now guess what, there is a super quick and simple trick to make this very masculine silhouette work...it's called the half-tucked-rule!!!
All you have to do is to tuck the front tip of your sweater into the trousers or skirt you're wearing and you're good to go. The result is a highlighted waistline accompanied by a relaxed & cool outfit.
So when you're about to put on your favourite oversized sweater tomorrow try to work with this trick and expect a dashing result.


Knit - Vintage

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