31 Dec 2016

5 Ready-to-wear looks for NYE 2017


Can you imagine? It's New Years Eve.... how is it possible for this year to be over already? I feel like ist was January only last week?!?!
This year has been an amazing one for me, not only blog wise but also in my personal life, I finally graduated from school, I got to travel A LOT, to visit new places and meet new people...to put it all in one sentence, I'm extremely happy with this year and I can't wait for what 2017 has yet to bring me :)
And as we say our goodbyes each year by celebrating and making plans with our friends and family we also have to think about what we're going to wear to this special occasion! I kind of like to think of it this way, we put on our nicest outfit to say thank you to the finishing year and welcome the new one to our lives! But then of course there is the big question about WHAT TO WEAR?

Some of you might have already celebrated NYE, but for those of you lingering in front of your closet right now thinking about what to wear tonight, I'm here to help!
If you think back on 2016's fashion velvet is one thing that will definitely pop into your head, that's why a velvet slip dress would be an amazing outfit for NYE, depending on the weather of your location you can layer it with a rather chic transparent blouse or just wear it as it is. I wore a combination like this on Christmas Eve, which is why I'll be wearing something else tonight :)
Another thing that instantly gives your outfit a push of elegancy is the this year very beloved choker, which you can add to any NYE outfit you choose.
Why don't you try something else this year, like a suit? Dosen't convince you? Well think of a cropped carrot cut pant suit paired with your most elegant heels. convinced? Now add your favourite and very feminine clutch (and a choker to keep it very 2016) and you're good to go!
Another way might be anything metallic or glittery, it's not only a NYE classic but has also been extremely popular this last year, so you can either add metallic shoes, a glitter slip dress or choose to wear head to toe glitter/metallic to make your outfit NYE ready. Which also takes us to my outfit today, which I chose to be a glitter dress! No matter which one you choose, I hope you all enjoy and have fun tonight! Thank you very much to all of you for supporting me, I'm really looking forward to yet another year of MBT :)

- X, Maria

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