8 Nov 2016

Merci et Au Bientôt Bordeaux | How to master The Breton

Ok... so my time here in Bordeaux is starting to come to an end.
I'm going back to Hamburg this Saturday after being here for 9 weeks!
I've had the time of my life and will never forget about this incredible experience and this incredibly beautiful town!
I've learned so much about French as a language and culture and I'm very thankful that I could do this trip.
This was actually the very first time I lived on my own and I really enjoyed it :)

So as an homage to my time here in Bordeaux/ France I want to show you how to master and how to wear a Breton shirt, which is symbol for french styling!
Next to the Beret the Breton Shirt might be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of french style, the print is really easy to style because it's strong & discreet at the same time and goes with practically anything.
I sometimes find myself thinking about having too many striped shirts, but actually you can't have enough of them, every single one is a bit different in size, shape or colour and adds a different touch to your outfit.
To style it I would recommend you to proceed as you would with a simple white Tee. One other option might be to go for print blocking with stripes on stripes (for more tips & tricks on how to style stripes on stripes read here).
Or for something more casual-femenin pair it with your favourite pair of Jeans a loose fitted Blazer and Heels (as seen in this Posts outfit). The Blazer is btw also  one of the must-have basics in a french girls closet, why? Because by only adding one clothing item you instantly make the Shirt-Jeans combo work and also evening appropriate; plus it also adds kind of a boyish and cool vibe to your look.


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