25 Nov 2016

Dress to Impress | How to wear Sequin

Holiday season is finally here and I couldn't be happier, apart from late spring this is my absolute favourite time of the year! But every time these weeks approach I get super nervous and am on the edge of suffering a major fashion meltdown because of the question (impossible to answer) about what to wear...

It's supposed to be the perfect middle and mixture between festive, going out/evening wear and casual! 
So then we find ourselves wanting to experiment a bit and see that sequin Top hanging in our closet which we never wore because we were saving it up for a special occasion (when secretly we perfectly knew that we were just too afraid to wear it...), but you know what? Just wear it!
In today's (fashion) society it's all about trying to look effortless, like you woke up looking perfect, just threw on the first thing you found in your room and ended up looking fabulous; when you actually put on half your makeup supplies, drank 6 coffees (to look somewhat human) and spent at least one hour on planning your outfit before leaving the house... But let me tell you, it's ok to show that you made an effort and that you did take your time on planning. So what better time to show that, than this holiday season, especially when sequins had a huge appearance on several catwalks on this years FW (for example at
Dolcce & Gabbana or Preen by Thornton Bregazzi). By adding sequin to your outfit, it will instantly look more sophisticated and festive and as long as you style it with rather basic items you will receive a perfect outfit for everyday wear and a holiday get together! For instance look at Lily Aldridge rocking a sequinned dress with a loose fitted jeans jacket, I absolutely love it. And just think about how nice the winter sun will shine and sparkle on it once you wear it on a sunny winter day :)


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