2 Nov 2016

Dare I? || 5 ways to show skin the right way

Showing skin is generally considered as sexy and could at some point send wrong signals but at the same time showing skin can add that special unexpected something, you get a small peek but not the entire package!
SO to master this seemingly difficult style you just have to follow these few steps and I promise you, you'll never look or feel too provocative or naked again:

1. Don't stick to the Traditional's, think of unexpected ways to show skin (side cut outs or non-traditional shoulder designs)

2. Lace, it's such a romantic and girly fabric that no one would suspect it to be sexy, but as soon you choose a lace top and style it with a bralette or crop top it will definitely make a whole new impact!

3. Off the Shoulder, need I say more? If you're not convinced yet read this.

4. Mini (Slit) Skirt, the mini skirt is an excellent choice if you want to show some skin, for the fashion forward and risk-loving bunch of you, try a slit skirt next time!

5. Embrace the surprise, of course we all desire to make an impact with our outfit and want people to think first thing when we enter a room "WOW", but sometimes it might be good to hold that WOW-effect for a second with for example a blouse that looks very casual and basic on the front but then has this amazing cut out detail on the back or the cute maxi-dress with the open back which will make you look a-mazing!

But the biggest "rule" is actually yet to come:
Don't overdo it, for example if you choose to go for a revealing top style it with a pair of Jeans or midi skirt;
Doing two of these skin revealing styles at once might lead to exactly that outfit you were trying to avoid... For example this look that I styled for todays post, I decided to wear this tie up top which for my styling habits is very revealing, so to avoid making this whole ensemble too revealing I paired it with a pair of Mom Jeans, which add a very cool and edgy touch!


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