29 Nov 2016

LA VIE EN ROSE || #onTuesdayswewearPink

Ok, let's face it when it comes to my wardrobe I normally stick to the same colour palette, especially in winter, it tends to end up looking mainly blue, grey and black... Though I try to shake things up a little in summer I barely ever wear something like head to toe pink...

25 Nov 2016

Dress to Impress | How to wear Sequin

Holiday season is finally here and I couldn't be happier, apart from late spring this is my absolute favourite time of the year! But every time these weeks approach I get super nervous and am on the edge of suffering a major fashion meltdown because of the question (impossible to answer) about what to wear...

22 Nov 2016

4 Tricks on how to look Stunning in Overknees || Tokyo II

Looking for something to spice up your outfit and add a special touch of oh là là?
And then you see those Overknee boots that have been crying for you to wear them for so long but you just never felt right wearing them?

17 Nov 2016


Sorry about the late update this week but the reason for me to be MIA was that straight after coming home from Bordeaux I re-packed and went to Tokyo with my Mom!!!!!

8 Nov 2016

Merci et Au Bientôt Bordeaux | How to master The Breton

Ok... so my time here in Bordeaux is starting to come to an end.
I'm going back to Hamburg this Saturday after being here for 9 weeks!
I've had the time of my life and will never forget about this incredible experience and this incredibly beautiful town!
I've learned so much about French as a language and culture and I'm very thankful that I could do this trip.
This was actually the very first time I lived on my own and I really enjoyed it :)

So as an homage to my time here in Bordeaux/ France I want to show you how to master and how to wear a Breton shirt, which is symbol for french styling!

2 Nov 2016

Dare I? || 5 ways to show skin the right way

Showing skin is generally considered as sexy and could at some point send wrong signals but at the same time showing skin can add that special unexpected something, you get a small peek but not the entire package!
SO to master this seemingly difficult style you just have to follow these few steps and I promise you, you'll never look or feel too provocative or naked again: