1 Oct 2016

Is it Ok to wear Holiday Clothes when you're not on Holiday?

How can it already be October?!?! Where did all the time go? I kind of feel like it was August last week and now September is actually over !(#wakemeupwhenseptemberends?)
I can't believe that this is already our third week here in Bordeaux... We've had an amazing time so far and I'm very much looking forward to the next weeks!
Last weekend we went to Dune du Pilat in Arcachon to enjoy the last days of actual summer (30°C!!!). I already imagined that the dune would be huge but I never expected it to be THAT big, for those of you who don't know, Dune du Pilat is the biggest sand dune in Europe, you actually feel like your in the middle of the desert in Marroko, it's amazing!
But let's focus on todays Oufit, I'm wearing three things that symbolise summer, sun and holiday for me, this relaxed playsuit, my platform espadrilles and the embroiled bag I bought in Mexico!
We all have those items in our closet that we love extremely much, but secretly know are not city appropriate like those lovely espadrilles or that incredibly cool straw bag and that oh so trendy Off-the-Shoulder Top... Normally we're forced to face the fact that when we return from our picture perfect beach vacation, it's time to transition into city proof clothing like boots, sneakers... but honestly,
I think the coolest thing you can do this pre Fall/ Fall is to bring one of those holiday clothes back to town and wear them whenever you like. You'll also obtain a small kind of souvenir from those last rays of sunshine! So next time you're having a debate inside your head on weather or not to wear the straw bag to brunch with your friends, the answer is: YES



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