19 Oct 2016

Bomber Jackets

It wasn't really love at first sight... nor second, but somehow I got convinced in the end!
I'm talking about Bomber Jackets, I wasn't the biggest fan when this trend started to dominate the street style earlier this year, I didn't think that they were ugly or a no-go, I just didn't think that they were for me...
But then, I came to Bordeaux and Oskar (one of the friends I'm here with) had this really nice Bomber Jacket that could totally be worn by men and women, so I tried it on and really liked it (I have to admit that I had never ever even tried one on before...)! Long story short, now I'm actually considering to buy one myself.... 
If you thought the same about Bomber Jackets, let me tell you, there are so many different styles that there just has to be one for you!
Classic Military Green ones, Dark (Black/Blue) ones, Leather, Embroided... to name a few!
My personal favourite is the embroiled silk-satin one, which might be a bit more fashion-adventurous but instantly makes your basic jeans & T-Shirt ensemble look like a 10/10! 
Celebrities that swear on this Trend are Olivia Palermo and Kate Moss (who also had the genius idea to have a look in the men's section!).

BTW I feel like I haven't told you that much about life and our time here in Bordeaux, we've been here for almost six weeks now and are having the time of our lives :) The plan was to go to language school and stay for six weeks but I've had such a great time that I'm going to stay for a little while longer!
In general our days have consisted of Croissants for breakfast, french classes, sight seeing, visiting chateaus and pretending to know how to taste & evaluate wine and then spending soirees with new friends :)


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