27 Oct 2016

BLOGGIN || How To Survive Without Your Skinny Jeans

What do you do when you have a limited amount of baggage weight and have to decide to only bring one pair of skinny jeans for a 9 week stay in France, and those jeans decide that the zipper needs to be renewed the very first moment you put them on... At first I was in a huge debate with myself, whether I should try and fix it myself or just buy a new pair ?
But then one thought hit me, do you really NEED a pair of skinny jeans?

For a long time now skinny Jeans have been a discussed topic in fashion circles and hundreds of people have debated if this styling has finally been taken over by the many (much more fashion forward) versions, like cropped flares or wide legged Jeans or if it's starting to become a classic (like the LBD, Trench coats or Blazer). So I decided to try it myself to make my own opinion on this (in a fashion girls mind) very important decision and for a dedicated skinny Jean lover like me this seemed to be super hard! If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed me switching between Mom Jeans, straight cut Vetements-ish style, patchwork Denim or my beloved ripped Boyfriend Jeans (to be completely honest, I did cheat a bit in this whole skinny Jeans story... but in my opinion grey pants and leather trousers don't count as Jeans!!!!)
All in all this experiment actually turned out very positive (even in such a fashion wise classicistic country as France), you have much more space to experiment once you don't have the safe option of the good old skinny jean in your closet, but would I banish them completely out of my closet? Absolutely not! In my opinion the skinny Jean has started to move in the direction of the classics department but is and will for a long time be a major part in the Fashion world!
So in conclusion I think we should all try and turn our habit of daily usage of skinnies to a special backup occasion and make our fashion forward jeans into a new surprise of chaque jour !  

And because I haven't been that active lately here on the blog I thought that this very cute sweater that my friend found for me on a shopping stroll two weeks ago, could be a motivation for me and reminder that I'm still and will not stop BLOGGIN.


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