20 Sep 2016

The Secret French Styling Essential

After 'living' one week in France I've learned two things:

1. People actually walk around with Baguettes under their arms 
2. Every second (if not every single) woman wears Ankle Boots

Now I don't know if it's because the French Women are très très chic or they just know their seasonal trends but anyway, they look amazing.
What I love about Ankle Boots is that no matter what kind you're wearing, they'll instantly push your outfit and add an effortless (very french) touch to it!
I also love the heel size, normally it's about 6-7cm high and that's the perfect size to wear for you everyday life as it gives you that certain elegance push but it's low enough to still be able to walk comfortably in them.
So next time you feel like your outfit is missing this certain sparkle, do it like the french and add a pair of Ankle Boots!

If you already read my Ankle Boot Post you probably already know these boots, when I first spotted them on Asos I was totally flashed by them but not 100% sure if I would actually wear them and if they looked like they did on the photo... in the end I decided to buy them and I'm suuuuper happy with them!! 

And also, how cool is this carrousel?!?! We actually have to walk this street every single day to get to language school...I'm so flashed by the beauty of this city, anywhere you go you find a cute little cafe and the houses are just MAGNIFIQUE! 



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