1 Sep 2016

The critical colour white | How to wear it and pair it

White Jeans... they can look incredible but tend to be quite tricky to wear, there are thousands of questions and worries that keep appearing in your head like: "do they flatter my body shape?", "it's THAT time of month again..." or "am I going to eat or just be near any bright coloured food?"...those are just a few, but worrying about your surroundings and situation that day, the next big question is what to actually wear with it???

If at least one of those applies to you, stop worrying because even the biggest and greatest fashion girls struggle with decisions like that!
But to at least answer one of the questions, of what to pair them with there is one simple rule (if you want to go safe): Keep it simple!
If, for example you're going for an all white ensemble try to add some nude coloured accessories, like the hat and boots I added to this outfit, this will look very classy, yet modern :)
If you want something even more modern try to pair it with an interesting Top (this summer you should go for an Off-Shoulder Blouse!) and if you're feeling very fashion-confident try a white on white outfit with bright and colourful shoes and bag.
Try not to take the keep it simple rule too literal, so try to avoid head to toe white, with white accessories, white shoes and white everything... this might lead to you looking like a nurse and except your going to a Costume Party I would avoid that look!

-- I just noticed that one year ago today I posted a white related post, about THE HIT colour to wear for fall, well if that isn't a sign that white will always be a classic go to colour :) --

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