13 Sep 2016

RED & YELLOW | La Vie en France

Bonjour les filles et garçons!

We finally arrived in Bordeaux!!!!
I've only been here for three days and I'm already falling in love with this city! I've never been been in Paris but I've been told that Bordeaux is pretty much the same only smaller, which means that it's perfect!
I don't know what it is that I like the most, it could be the buildings and architecture, the people walking around with baguettes, the language or the style!

Yes... of course I've taken note of all the très chic dressed people, I always thought that it was sort of a cliche that french women dressed in this unique and effortless style but it's actually true!
It might sound a bit silly but as a person that likes fashion you actually feel inspired :)
So that's why I went a bit crazy and tried to pair two colours that you would normally keep thousands of meters apart from each other:
Red & Yellow
I thought it might be quite cool to try and wear something summery, to embody this sudden return of summer! 
As you might know it tends to be rather tricky to pull of a monochrome or two-tone look, the clue is to find the perfect in between and dress down the BAM effect of the bright colours with different coloured accessories! 



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