9 Sep 2016

How to wear a Leather skirt

Leather is quite a tricky fabric to use in your everyday wardrobe if you ask me… there are a lot of things to think of like avoid looking too sexy and provocative or avoid all over biker style, and many more! But despite all those reasons to avoid wearing leather, you should DEFINITELY try and incorporate a piece or two into your wardrobe (if there aren’t already a few pieces).
You might have noticed over these last few months that I'm kind of a Leather Freak, my favourite piece are my leather pants. 
And think about all the different styles you could try out, you could try a leather dress (here and here) which you can easily wear at daytime too! Or try a leather skirt like I did in this post, to be able to wear this look at day you just have to pair it with a simple white button up or white T-Shirt, a pair of heels (black if you want to keep it simple and another colour if you want to spice it up a bit) and to transition this look to evening wear just wear it with a blazer or similar fringe jacket like the one I'm wearing in this post.

You might already have noticed that these photos where taken in a studio, this was actually my very first photo shooting with someone other than my parents or friends photographing me and inside a real studio! It was very fun and a great experience, so I would totally love to repeat this some time in the future!
BTW this is going to be my last post before I go to Bordeaux, I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm sooo excited! So now I'm going to do some last errands and finish packing :)


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