27 Sep 2016

Military Jacket || The New Fall Classic

Even though we're in the middle of spring/summer Fashion week I think it's time to take our thoughts back to Fall/Winter Fashion Week, and all the trends that will be huge this season. One, that I even mentioned here on MBT previously is the Uniform style, but not uniform as in wearing the same as everyone else or wearing camouflage coloured clothes, but 

20 Sep 2016

The Secret French Styling Essential

After 'living' one week in France I've learned two things:

1. People actually walk around with Baguettes under their arms 
2. Every second (if not every single) woman wears Ankle Boots

13 Sep 2016

RED & YELLOW | La Vie en France

Bonjour les filles et garçons!

We finally arrived in Bordeaux!!!!
I've only been here for three days and I'm already falling in love with this city! I've never been been in Paris but I've been told that Bordeaux is pretty much the same only smaller, which means that it's perfect!
I don't know what it is that I like the most, it could be the buildings and architecture, the people walking around with baguettes, the language or the style!

9 Sep 2016

How to wear a Leather skirt

Leather is quite a tricky fabric to use in your everyday wardrobe if you ask me… there are a lot of things to think of like avoid looking too sexy and provocative or avoid all over biker style, and many more! But despite all those reasons to avoid wearing leather, you should DEFINITELY try and incorporate a piece or two into your wardrobe (if there aren’t already a few pieces).

5 Sep 2016

Baby Blue | Is the Off-Shoulder Trend over?

What do you think abut the new Blog Design???
I was super excited about finally changing the Design and I've actually been thinking about doing it for quite a while now, and now the time has finally come!
I bought this on Designerblogs, so most of it was already Predesigned but I added a few details here and there :)

Todays outfit is the last Off-Shoulder Outfit from my previous Dresslink Review, but definitely not the last Off-Shoulder outfit this season :) 
I've totally fallen for this look, it's very easy to style with basics and still you'll look FABULOUS.
But like every other Trend in the age of today (thanks to social media) you can not keep on wearing something you thought was super fashion-forward because  two months later you see everyone wearing the exact same blouse on Instagram, in Magazines, in your super market...

1 Sep 2016

The critical colour white | How to wear it and pair it

White Jeans... they can look incredible but tend to be quite tricky to wear, there are thousands of questions and worries that keep appearing in your head like: "do they flatter my body shape?", "it's THAT time of month again..." or "am I going to eat or just be near any bright coloured food?"...those are just a few, but worrying about your surroundings and situation that day, the next big question is what to actually wear with it???