5 Aug 2016

Life Update || Kick Flares & Fringe Jacket

Hey Everyone!

These last few weeks I've been sharing posts from my vacation in LA, my trip to Maastricht and even something from Mexico, but I haven't really told you where I am right now and what I've been up to these last few weeks...

The day after I turned 18 I took the plane to Norway, where I've been working at the lokal Museum near my grandparents house as a guide. Last weekend my cousin got married (also here in Norway) and it was such a wonderful 3 day party; her dress was so beautiful and the location looked like out of a magazine, we (all the cousins) wore the same dress and were a sort of flower girl/maid of honour which looked super cute in front of the miniature church they got married in!

I shooted this outfit right before coming to Norway and I have to admit that I've been a bit excited to show you this fringe jacket :) I purchased it at Zara on Sale, it immediately cached my eye through the thousand mountains of sale items piling up in the store and aggressive women trying to take everything on sale back home. But long story short when I wanted to pay there was no price tag on the jacket and the cashier told me that this jacket actually was from the last collection, so it was really the very last of it's kind, and I found it !!!!
If that wasn't a sign that I just HAD TO buy it then I don't know what is...:)
If you've been following up on social media and fashion sources in general you might have noticed that these kind of Kick Flares that I'm wearing have been quite the hit this season! And I totally get it, flared jeans in general give this sophisticated and elevated flair :) to an outfit but it might not be for everyone... and Kick Flares add this different and modern twist to your Outfit without being too long or too exaggerated!


Jacket - Zara
Shoes - Zara


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