27 Aug 2016

LBD aka. Little Black Dress

-One is never over or under dressed with a Little Black Dress- Oh yes, we've all been there, wondering about what to wear to this special event or the night out with you girls... and then suddenly the idea of the Little Black Dress pops into our mind and we think of how one dress is going to save us sooo much time and effort because you'll totally be wearing it at least 10 times. And then we find ourselves desperately looking for a Black Dress, which we end up wearing once and then start looking for a new Perfect LBD

Until about one month ago I actually didn't own one single black dress, now I have two, and I've actually found myself looking for a new one online... 
The LBD is a classic fashion statement that goes (as a wise man once said) with everything and at every time without looking wrong! But how is one single clothing item supposed to fit into each and every part of our clothing-life?
Of course you can dress it down and up, like this one that I'm wearing in this post, it can easily look more casual by layering it with a white T-Shirt (here); but still in my opinion there is no such thing as the perfect LBD. It's the same with Jeans, they are an unspoken must-have in everyones wardrobe and you'll always have one favourite pair but they won't be fit for every occasion
So instead of looking for THE perfect LBD that promises you an utopian world where you can wear it every day, both day and night looking stunning 24/7, you should start collecting a small amount of dresses (I don't mean that you should go all crazy and buy all the LBD you find on the next Zara sale! Please don't!) which you can collect throughout the years, this way it will seem much more personal and you'll develop a sort of connection and memory to your LBD :)
Nevertheless the LBD will always be a fashion classic, which you'll always rediscover in the newest collections (with a slight twist to adapt it to the season trends)! 


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