20 Aug 2016

Fleamarket Finds

You've all probably been to a flea market at least once in your life, if not you're really missing out on something! Either you're a fashionista or not there will be something for everyone. It's the perfect place to find old things from ages that are "back in style" like the 80's or 70's but also classics, like handbags or classic (Chanel like) sling backs. And even if you might go home empty handed sometimes, it's still fun to have a look. Last time I went to one was in early July and I'm normally the one that does not succeed on finding anything really useful on flea markets, but this time I found this real leather bag in this typical shape that you see old ladies use in movies... but actually if you think of it fashion wise it's a pretty classic shape that (with a liiiittle bit of imagination) looks very similar to the Hermes Kelly Bag... You can basically wear it with everything and to every time of the day;
To make it more modern and to bring some life into it I added this Pompom charm that I bought in Mexico!


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