1 Aug 2016

Dress link Review || Off-Shoulder Blouses

Hey Everyone!

Remember that I told you about this website called Dresslink a few weeks ago (For those of you who don't, here is some recap)?
I ordered the blouses that I showed you and I have to say that I'm completely overwhelmed by the quality, because after seeing the very low price and from previous experiences with cheap online shops I was very sure that the clothes would not be made of the best material... 
But after unpacking the package I instantly felt the soft fabric and was even happier (you need to know that I feel like a child opening presents on christmas eve everytime I receive a package...).
The sizes and blouses themselves are just as shown in the picture, which was another thing I was a bit worried about  and in the end that too did turn out perfect!
But there where two small things that I wasn't that happy about, the first is that the white blouse that I originally ordered was sold out but I was told almost a week after ordering and the second thing is that the shipping took longer than expected, but I think that it wasn't the brands fault...
All in all I am happy about having ordered these three blouses at dress link and I would definitely recommend it to my friends!
So you can totally rely on me and head over to dresslink.com the next time you're looking for anything from Basics to Evening wear, knowing that the quality is extremely good in relation to the price!

I didn't really realise until after ordering the blouses that they where all the same type, but if you ask me it's totally necessary to own a variety of off-shoulder blouses, especially now that they've become so popular this summer.
And even though the three blouses are off-shoulder, there are huge differences between them (despite the colour...)! The first light blue one is classier and more elegant than the others, this one could even work as office gear paired with the right bottom and shoes. The second (white) one is rather bohemian and reminds me of Festival/Hippie wear. And the last one is very modern, especially because of the different style of sleeves (this is the most wanted and seen style among the fashion crowd)!

Not the pictured one...

If you fell in love with these tops as much as I did, then I have a little discount gift for you that you can use on your next order ;)

Dresslink coupon code, 300 times only, valid to 28/02/2017
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