11 Aug 2016


Two years ago today a 16 year old me took her phone and suddenly had an idea after scrolling through several blogger's Instagram accounts..."I'm super interested in fashion...I like to take pictures...I love to stay updated in the fashion world...why not start my own blog?"
A slight feeling of not having anything else to do on a warm summer afternoon in Mexico might also have been the reason, but nevertheless on august 11th 2014 I decided to start a Blog, this Blog, MBT! It was kind of easy to decide for a name as I had used my initials on my imaginary bag and clothes label I used to draw on those models that were super popular when I was younger (some of you might relate;)) and I had more than enough photos on my phone from my holiday so I was ready to start blogging... little did I know that there was much more than just a few snapshots from your last holiday to a blog... I'm far from being a professional blogger, but I feel like I've learned a lot of things during these last two years!
I've learned to follow trends without loosing my own style, I've learned to handle a camera (the basics at least..:)) and I've been introduced to a whole new side of myself that I didn't know before! 
Two years ago I did care about what I was wearing and I would eventually go through Fashion Magazines on holidays but it would never have crossed my mind to call myself a "Fashion Girl", I would never have thought that people, that I might not even know would read and care about my opinion on fashion and would even take advice from me, fashion wise.
And even though this Blog might not yet be very big, it's become a big part of my life (so big that I've had small panic attacks when thinking about what to do when I move out to start studying, like who will be taking all the photos then?!?!) and as corny as this might sound but it's true, without you guys this would not be possible, if I knew that no one would care about my opinion I would probably have stopped blogging a long time ago but each click that you give to this website gives me more inspiration and reason to try and make this place a little better each day! 
And as a "birthday present" I promise you that I'm going to be much more active this coming year and that I'll try and take you with me on as many adventures as possible!
So let's all have a virtual *Happy Birthday cheers* to a more fashionable and long-lasting MBT :)



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