30 Aug 2016

Life Update | Summer Job, Family Wedding, Scandisummer and France

Hey Everyone!

After one and a half months in Norway I'm back in Germany!
As you might know I normally spend my summer holiday in Mexico and I've been doing so since I can remember, so this was the very first summer I did something else...

27 Aug 2016

LBD aka. Little Black Dress

-One is never over or under dressed with a Little Black Dress- Oh yes, we've all been there, wondering about what to wear to this special event or the night out with you girls... and then suddenly the idea of the Little Black Dress pops into our mind and we think of how one dress is going to save us sooo much time and effort because you'll totally be wearing it at least 10 times. And then we find ourselves desperately looking for a Black Dress, which we end up wearing once and then start looking for a new Perfect LBD

25 Aug 2016

The Shoe you definitely have to get this Fall!

As Summer is slowly coming to an end we all have to start to embrace the fact that soon our wardrobe will again consist of thick jackets and wool sweaters only, instead of light weight blouses and shorts... but before falling into a winter blues let's think about all those new and amazing styles and trends approaching us this pre-fall! One of them is probably already part of your wardrobe: The Ankle Boot.

11 Aug 2016


Two years ago today a 16 year old me took her phone and suddenly had an idea after scrolling through several blogger's Instagram accounts..."I'm super interested in fashion...I like to take pictures...I love to stay updated in the fashion world...why not start my own blog?"

8 Aug 2016

Got RED Watermelon?

Thanks to an Instagram post I just recently realised during one of those oh so productive hours of the day that you spend scrolling through dozens of instagram accounts, that there is only a very short time of 4 months left to 2016?!?! Like where did those 8 months stay???? This year has passed so fast, yet there are so many more adventures laying ahead of me... but before getting too deep into this, let's start talking about fall Trends!
There are many to discuss but today I want to focus on one: RED

5 Aug 2016

Life Update || Kick Flares & Fringe Jacket

Hey Everyone!

These last few weeks I've been sharing posts from my vacation in LA, my trip to Maastricht and even something from Mexico, but I haven't really told you where I am right now and what I've been up to these last few weeks...