22 Jul 2016

What is it about this Pink Wall???

When I found out that I was going to LA one of the first things that popped into my head was: PINK WALL.
But why??? There are thousands of things to see and do in LA and one of the first things I could think of visiting was the Pink Wall... 
How is it possible that a plain, pink wall is one of the most photographed and instagramed walls in the whole world? This Question followed me through my entire journey and now I want to find an answer to it!

First of all, what building is this the wall to? As you can see the small writing on the top right, it belongs to the Paul Smith store located on Melrose Ave. in LA.
Normally a wall as muh photographed as this one is visited because of the insides of the building, but fact is that most of those photographing themselves in front of the wall don't even enter the shop... My Mom and I actually went inside and the very nice shop assistant gave me a Paul Smith brooch, which you'll definitely spot in one of my future post ;)
So it's not to buy the deigns by Paul Smith, and it probably did not get so famous because of it's surroundings, most cafes and restaurants opened less than 10 year ago (you should definitely not underestimate Melrose and make it a priority to visit when you're in LA, especially Melrose Place!!!), then what is the big deal with this colourful wall? 
To finally solve this huge mystery, of why this wall is so damn popular, there is one simple answer: The quality, and I'm not speaking of the wall's quality, I mean the quality of the photos, not does only the colour stand out on each photo, but also the lighting, whatever the weather and time, your photos will look like taken on a professional magazine shoot! 
But let's be honest, with an ambience, the weather and a City like LA, everything seems 100 times better than anywhere else!

BTW this is the same Outfit I wore to my graduation :) 

Dress (similar)
          Shoes <= on sale now!!!


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