18 Jul 2016

Socks and Sandals | Fashion Do or Don't ???

One of THE biggest known Fashion faux-pas has to be wearing socks with sandals, you probably all have the image of a tourist with a loose fitting Hawaii Shirt, Camera hanging around the neck and -the oh so dared- flat black sandals with socks in them, no offence, but it's definitely not runway proof! So how is it possible that a style based on socks and sandals has become so popular amongst the fashion crowd?
The answer to that is actually quite simple, fashion used to be led by rules, that told you which colour to wear with what, never to wear black and blue in one ensemble ... but the fashion industry has and is going through a huge evolution, we're living in a time where it's possible to wear denim and still be called super posh and chic, whereas denim was seen as work wear a few decades ago. Rules change and the main rule at the moment is that there are no rules in fashion and if there are, you brake them, that's how outfits like this one I'm wearing in todays post develop. A few years ago no one would have thought of re-doing a pair of jeans only to make it look "cool", today they are sold for 2000 Euros and people actually buy them... 
Fashion today is all about mixing and experimenting with new things, such as combining a classy blazer (which I decorated with an old brooch from my family in Norway) with destroyed jeans and high-heeled sandals with glitter socks. The styles themselves totally contradict each other but together they create  a super modern outfit!
So let's get back to the main topic, the sock-sandal-trend. The eye-catcher effect the socks have on you are probably the number one reason for this trend being so popular, and of course the possibility to wear your favourite heels even on cold days! So next time you want to dare something new and fashion-forward try to mix different style directions and don't forget to add a pair of sparkly socks here and there to brighten up your day ;)

T-Shirt - Vero Moda (similar)
Blazer - Mango
Denim - Zara
Shoes - Mango
Socks - COS 


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