26 Jul 2016

Pyjamas all day || Walk of Fame


What kind of pyjama person are you? Are you the comfy one that wears a Shirt with a pair of Boxer Shorts? Are you the classy type that wears matching pyjama blouses and pants? Or are you the sexy type that wears camisoles?
Either way, this trend has been on and off these last few seasons! And because of the pyjama trend being oh so haut right now i want to show you different ways to create this look.

22 Jul 2016

What is it about this Pink Wall???

When I found out that I was going to LA one of the first things that popped into my head was: PINK WALL.
But why??? There are thousands of things to see and do in LA and one of the first things I could think of visiting was the Pink Wall... 
How is it possible that a plain, pink wall is one of the most photographed and instagramed walls in the whole world? This Question followed me through my entire journey and now I want to find an answer to it!

18 Jul 2016

Socks and Sandals | Fashion Do or Don't ???

One of THE biggest known Fashion faux-pas has to be wearing socks with sandals, you probably all have the image of a tourist with a loose fitting Hawaii Shirt, Camera hanging around the neck and -the oh so dared- flat black sandals with socks in them, no offence, but it's definitely not runway proof! So how is it possible that a style based on socks and sandals has become so popular amongst the fashion crowd?

15 Jul 2016

Classic Button Up || Maastricht

Hey Everyone!

Todays Post is going to be rather short because I'm in the middle of preparing for my Prom tonight, my birthday party tomorrow and packing for Norway... This week has been amazing so far, first I graduated and received my "Abitur", then I got the best present ever, a trip to LA!?!?! And those of you who follow me on Instagram might have already gotten a glimpse of my short vacation there! I completely fell in love with LA, the weather, the people and the restaurants and cafes... just EVERYTHING! Now I'm back in Hamburg and tonight's the big night, I'm super excited :)

11 Jul 2016

Lemon Dress


I graduated two days ago !?!?! I can't believe that I'm actually completely done with high school, now the only thing that is still left is my prom on next Saturday and I'm sooo excited!
But let's get to talk about todays outfit:

4 Jul 2016

Pompons and Flowers

Every Fashion girl knows that a simple blouse can pimp up any outfit and this summer is all about three blouse types: