26 Jun 2016

What not to do while studying || Dresslink Collaboration

As I told you in my previous Post I just passed my last exam which was an oral Latin presentation and even though I tried reaaaally hard to keep myself concentrated during the two weeks of preparation and make the most out of them I just couldn't prevent myself from browsing the wide range of online shops now and then...
And you probably all know that feeling when you put all 74 items that you absolutely love and think you're in desperate need of, into your shopping cart until you notice that when you're about to check out that all together it is going to cost you hundreds of euros but decide not to buy it because the shipping is 20€ you do not see yourself paying that HUGE amount of money only for shipping.... I'm just kidding, I was actually going to tell you about this new website Dresslink that I discovered, they asked me to pick my favourite pieces and show them to you. 
At first I couldn't believe that there was a place where you could buy almost everything from dresses to jeans under 20$, so I thought that the shipping would double the price in the end, but I was wrong. You should definitely check out my favourite pieces and try out the discount code I've linked at the end of this post for you!
A review about my order at Dresslink will be following soon :)

Dresslink Coupon code: 
DLblog5 == Get $5 off on once purchases of $59
DLblog10 ==Get $10 off on once purchases of $99


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