25 Jun 2016

Red || Future Plans

Hey everyone!


Yesterday I had my last (school) exam for ever and now I'm only going to enter my school one last time for my graduation day... that makes me really sad somehow but I'm also super excited about everything that I have planned for this year. I've actually been planning and waiting a while now to tell you all about it but it just never really fit into my previous posts... but I guess now is the perfect time :)
I'm planning on doing a gap year before I start studying International Business Administration next year. I'll start my gap year with a summer holiday/job in Norway as a museum guide, then I'm going to spend about two months in Bordeaux with three of my friends to refresh our french :) and then I'm going to Mexico for three months, where I'm going to spend christmas and do some social work. After that I would like to do an internship (preferably in fashion industry...) and then I'm already headed to my first Semester at University... And all along that way I'm planning to take you along! 
I'm so thrilled about this new chapter I'm starting in my life and can't wait to get going! But first there's my graduation day and Prom which I'm also totally excited about:)

About the pictures in this post:
I took them in Mexico City about three/four weeks ago. I put on this dress because it's the closest thing I owned to a slipdress... and what better way to recreate the revival of the 90's? 
Pros for the summer: 
1. Easy to style 
2. 24/7 Outfit (works at work, lunch, dinner and parties)
3. airy and perfect for hot days



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