15 Jun 2016

Give me Stripes || Paseo de la Reforma

When in doubt, stick to your classic Breton Shirt even if wearing it with a same printed bottom, as for example a Breton skirt ;)
Normally I would opt for a basic to pair with either the striped top or bottom, but then I thought ... why not give it a try and experiment with stripes!
I'ts a bit tricky and you have to be careful that you don't overdo it, but once you  unlock the big secret it's easy!

Remember the first time you where trying to mix orange and red? And in the end it turned out to look quite nice? Well it's the same with stripes, I'm not saying that you should always add something orange (though it might look dashing!), but forget about everything you've been told about wearing stripes in one direction only and get creative!
One day you could try and match a vertical striped bottom with a horizontal striped top, and another day you could wear a striped linen palazzo with a striped blouse or you could try and wear different shapes and sizes (think of cop tops with shorts!). It's really simple all that is left to do is for you to find your two favourite striped pieces and wear them!

My favourite Stripes for this season:

I photographed this outfit in Mexico City, I totally love it there, all the nice restaurants and places to visit... if you want to I could create a post on my favourite places to go when I'm there :)

What I was wearing in this Post:
Top - Zara
        Skirt - Pull & Bear
   Bag - Chanel


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