25 May 2016

How to Heavy Metallics

Hi Everyone!

If you're looking for something to sparkle up your everyday wardrobe you should definitely try out the Metallic Trend! Especially if you're not the number 1 Fan of the whole man repeller movement of mom jeans or maskuline cut clothes and want to wear something shiny and princess like :)

What you definitely should avoid is a head to toe metallic ensemble and rather stick to one or two items of your outfit with a metallic texture. If you proceed after the Method I told you a few Posts ago (2-1.5-1) where you can choose between putting the main attraction to the metallic piece like a metallic skirt or jacket or linking it to something less attracting like a bag or a pair of shoes. The rest of your outfit should only consist of basics, so that the main focus of your outfit is the metallic piece you choose. I chose to combine these chunky silver platforms with a simple silver coloured shirt. Even though I'm matching two metallic items, it's not too much of the good, because of the rather simple and non-shiny fabric of the short. Btw these kind of metallic platform shoes are going to be really big this season (as for example the ones I bought in Kuala Lumpur in December, if you like them with less platform!).


Shorts (Vintage)


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