8 May 2016

3 ways to wear an Overall in Summer

Hey Everyone!

The reason why you haven’t heard that much from me lately is that I’m currently in Mexico !?!? I arrived this Monday and I’m going to stay for about three weeks. It’s sooo nice to finally be back and to be in the sun! God I’ve missed it a LOT! 
But let’s talk fashion:
I love Overalls, you can not go wrong with them in summer, because depending on what you wear underneath it, it can either look relaxed and cool or fashion forward and modern. Some might still have the image of an overall being only acceptable if your 6 years and younger or working on a farm, but Overalls have become more and more accepted and seen in the fashion scene, especially during Festival time, because they are so convertible and really look amazing! Speaking of convertible, you can even wear your Overall in three different ways:
1. Normal and buttoned up like I’m wearing it in the pictures 
2. With one of the straps hanging down loose 
3. Both hanging down on the sides.
And it’s not only the shorts version you should be craving for but also the long legged one, I think they look really cool too but I haven’t found a fitting pair yet…


Overall - Pull & Bear
Top - Zara
Shoes - Vincci


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