25 May 2016

How to Heavy Metallics

Hi Everyone!

If you're looking for something to sparkle up your everyday wardrobe you should definitely try out the Metallic Trend! Especially if you're not the number 1 Fan of the whole man repeller movement of mom jeans or maskuline cut clothes and want to wear something shiny and princess like :)

17 May 2016

The Ultimate Confidence Boosting Top

Hey Everyone!

You've probably all spotted the several Off-Shoulder Tops that are piling up in shops, well I already told you the story behind mine in a previous post (and those of you who haven't read about it can do so here), but today I want to tell you why you definitely shouldn't miss out on this Trend!

12 May 2016

Flower Power Dress

Hey Everyone!

You know what I just noticed? That I didn’t write a german translation to my last post… I really didn’t notice until now…I’m sorry for that :) 
My days here have started to fall into a pattern, waking up at 7.30 and go running in the park, then I go back home get dressed and have breakfast so that at around 12.00 o’clock I’m sitting in the garden either reading something (I just finished Me Before You and I couldn’t stop crying, but definitely my favourite book from now on!) or preparing a blog post, like I am right now. After lunch we normally go some place near our little town or visit family. I wish I could keep on like this forever :) I actually brought some books to study for my last exam (latin) but I haven’t quite found the moment to start start with it ;)
We shooted todays outfit on Sunday when we went on a “roadtrip” to an old factory close to where we live.

8 May 2016

3 ways to wear an Overall in Summer

Hey Everyone!

The reason why you haven’t heard that much from me lately is that I’m currently in Mexico !?!? I arrived this Monday and I’m going to stay for about three weeks. It’s sooo nice to finally be back and to be in the sun! God I’ve missed it a LOT! 
But let’s talk fashion: