25 Apr 2016

How to create an effortless look || Exams Week

Hi Everyone!

After two weeks of non-stop studying my exams week has (finally) arrived... I'm very nervous but also happy that I'll be having an entire free month after this Friday!!! Due to my preparation for my exams I haven't had any time these last to weeks to shoot any new looks, as I already told you in my previous post, I wanted to try and focus on school completely:) But fortunately I still had a few "unblogged" looks and posts, as for example this one (I think I took these pictures in March). 
I really love this outfit combination because it's very simple, yet not boring. The clue to achieve an outfit like this is to proceed after the 2-1.5-1 method

11 Apr 2016

The Off- Shoulder Blouse


I hope you've had a nice week and weekend! My week has been really fun, we got to dress up each day to school and "celebrated" our last week afterwards in the park next to our school or at someones home. Now there's only one day left... so from tomorrow I will lock myself into my room and study until I drop :) But first I'll enjoy my last hours as a "normal" school girl... btw, the costume topic for tomorrow is supposed to be first day of school.
So let's talk about todays Outfit! 

4 Apr 2016


Hey Everyone!

I can't believe that in exactly 7 days I'll be having my last day at school FOREVER!?!?!? But before that I still have "Mottowoche", which is a german tradition where all the senior year students dress up to another topic each day of their last school week, ours starts this Wednesday...:) I'm not sure yet whether to write a blogpost about it or not, but you can definitely follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (maariabt)
As you might already have noticed, I'm wearing a new pair of shoes!!!
I've wanted these for oh-so-long now and I was sooo happy when I got them last week!