8 Mar 2016

I am Woman

Hey everyone!

Today is the International Women's day but do we actually need a day to remind the world to respect women? In my opinion: YES, we do! 
Mainly the existence of the International Women's day is dedicated to all the girls and women around the world that do not experience equality in their surroundings, but how is that even possible even though we are living the year 2016. I can say about myself that I was lucky to have been born in a country and in a family where girls and boys are more or less treated as equals, and even though there are many jobs where women are paid less than men only because of their gender, there are many other countries in the world where being a woman is seen as less worthy. Where the difference of rights between men and women are too big and where women are less respected just because of their gender. This day is dedicated to all these women and to all the people trying to help change the life and inequality of them. Of course it's important to have one special day where everyone's attention is made but I think we should honour women AND men as equal humans every day.

My Outfit today is not the most important thing about this post, but somehow seemed suitable for this topic! A woman/ girl should be able to wear whatever she wants to wear and whatever she feels best in. I really love this outfit because it's sophisticated but simple at the same time, in my opinion this is an outfit that embodies strength and femininity.


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