28 Mar 2016

Two trends to follow this Spring

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you've had a lovely easter weekend so far with all your friends and family! I spent my time brunching, egg searching and visiting the traditional german Osterfeuer :)
Today I want to introduce you to two new trends that are going to be huge this spring! 

25 Mar 2016

Teddy Bear

I MADE IT!!!! Finally I'm done with all my exams... for EVER :) I feel so relieved, even though I still have the hardest part (Abitur - Finals) coming, but I'm sure I'll make that too :) 
So about todays outfit...

21 Mar 2016


Hi Everyone!

Button Up Blouses have been an all time classic in both men's and women's (since the 1890's) fashion. Now who would have thought that it would make a huge appearance on this years Fashion Week ?!? 

19 Mar 2016

3 Reasons why you shouldn't underestimate the plain white T-Shirt

Hey Everyone!

I hope you've enjoyed the weekend until now :) I actually just went to cut my hair, it's not that much but it had to be done and I feel like it's so much more healthy now than it was before.
Don't you know that feeling when you look into your closet and see all those plain T-Shirts you bought ages ago and never seem to wear because they kinda look a boring... but actually those plain Tee's are very underrated!

16 Mar 2016

Norwegian Style

Hi everyone! 

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (maria_b_t)might already know that I'm back in Germany... I had such a great time in Norway and I'm really looking

12 Mar 2016

Welcome to Scandiland

Hi everyone!

I'm currently in Norway and these last 5 days have been amazing!!!
Most of the time I've spent either outside skiing or reading inside.
While thinking about what outfit I should shoot in Norway all I wanted to avoid was to look bulky and boring...