29 Feb 2016

Western Flare

Hi everyone!

You probably all know that February and October are the most crucial fashion months,

23 Feb 2016

My current Favourite

Hey everyone!

Last week I finally received my long wished and eagerly awaited lace up shoes, 

20 Feb 2016

It's all about the colour

Hey everyone!

We are all guilty of tending to wear dark colours during winter, including myself. And without knowing it

15 Feb 2016

The Lace Up Blouse

Hi everyone!

I really don't get the weather anymore... first it's really nice and sunny that you almost think the winter is over, and now it's freezing again... 
It's exactly the same in New York, if any of you have been following the NYFW

10 Feb 2016

A Date with Leo & Drew

Hi everyone!

Long time no see, I've been very busy lately with school and other stuff... but now I'm back and today Let me introduce you to Leo and Drew

3 Feb 2016

Irresistible Me Diamond

Probably every girl on this planet has complained about her hair at least once. Most girls tend to have very thin hair or they want more voluminous hair. Some of you might know that I'm quite the opposite of that...

1 Feb 2016