10 Jan 2016

Looking for a dress?

Good Morning everyone!

As you all know I'm in senior year and as every day goes by my graduation comes closer and so does my prom... I'm probably not the first girl in my year already looking for dresses half a year before I even graduate :) While searching the internet I stumbled upon this amazing website that actually focuses on wedding dresses, but I mean which girl does not fantasize about what her dream gown for that very special day will look like.... 
Well the website I was telling you about is called Manonmode and in my opinion it's a great idea that you can send your measures and everything to get your very own measured dress!  Manonmode offers you dresses for any occasion, let it be a wedding, Prom or another special occasion.
I've picked some of my favourites that I wanted to show you and of course there are a few wedding dresses in between... just in case you might need one ;)

This dress is just amazing! I love the design, it looks very elegant and modern at the same time and even though it does show a lot of cleavage it still looks good without exposing too much! If I could choose right now I would definitely wear this one for my prom :) The skirt somehow resembles the dream come true of dressing like a princess and the waistline decoration and top look very fashionable! 

I like this dress a lot too, the design is more girly that the first one but it's just as lovely! What I especially liked about this dress is the mix of a very simple bottom & the glittery heart shaped top.

Everyone has a certain style and it's the same with wedding dresses I prefer the classic feminine type of wedding dress, as for example the designs by Elie Saab! And for those of you dreaming of owning one of his or the many other couture designers but get nightmares by only thinking of the price, Manonmode is a great option to find somehow similar designs.

As for example this tulle dress remembers me a lot of one dress from the Elie Saab collection from 2014. The transparent fabric, the tulle and the flowers all together create something magical!

When I saw this dress I felt the urge to get married straight away!!! The feather like material makes it look so sophisticated, elegant but simple at the same time with the Tull material of the skirt. I guess you would feel like Odette from Swan Lake wearing this :)

I liked this dress and could imagine myself wearing it for a summer Party... It would go for any occasion, as a guest for a wedding, Cocktail Party, the Prom of your friends... anything really!

Have a nice weekend!

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