31 Dec 2016

5 Ready-to-wear looks for NYE 2017


Can you imagine? It's New Years Eve.... how is it possible for this year to be over already? I feel like ist was January only last week?!?!
This year has been an amazing one for me, not only blog wise but also in my personal life, I finally graduated from school, I got to travel A LOT, to visit new places and meet new people...to put it all in one sentence, I'm extremely happy with this year and I can't wait for what 2017 has yet to bring me :)
And as we say our goodbyes each year by celebrating and making plans with our friends and family we also have to think about what we're going to wear to this special occasion! I kind of like to think of it this way, we put on our nicest outfit to say thank you to the finishing year and welcome the new one to our lives! But then of course there is the big question about WHAT TO WEAR?

30 Dec 2016

Black & Blue is it really true?

I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays and spent some nice time with your loved ones! I had a wonderful christmas and am currently traveling around Yucatan with my family :)
But let’s get to talk about todays fashion topic:
Blue and Black… probably the most worn colours on a daily basis all around the world, yet are we not allowed to wear them mixed in one outfit!

22 Dec 2016

A simple Rule to make your Bulky Sweater look even cooler

If you look down at what you're wearing right now what do you see? 
- Let me guess, it most surely consists of a bulky oversized sweater -

20 Dec 2016


When it comes to styling my hair you might have noticed that I pretty much stick to the same styling every single day... don't get me wrong, I do wear my hair in a bun or ponytail from time to time (most times while working on my laptop or in the afternoons) but I hardly ever put up my hair in the morning because I'm afraid of changing my mind during the day and wanting to wear it loose and then heaving to deal with the struggle of the bulk you receive after wearing your hair up (every girl will get this struggle...).
But now I've found the perfect solution for girls like me:

17 Dec 2016

A few of my Favourite Things ....

What is the result of an Off the Shoulder Blouse + cat-eye sunglasses + anything Fringe…..?

12 Dec 2016


The occasion for me not wearing any denim is pretty rare, why? 
One very short and simple answer: I LOVE IT!

10 Dec 2016


It's been quite a while now since I last updated you on the happenings of my life, so let’s catch up a little; as you all know I went back home from France in November, I was so sad to leave that amazing and magical place, but you know what they say…

29 Nov 2016

LA VIE EN ROSE || #onTuesdayswewearPink

Ok, let's face it when it comes to my wardrobe I normally stick to the same colour palette, especially in winter, it tends to end up looking mainly blue, grey and black... Though I try to shake things up a little in summer I barely ever wear something like head to toe pink...

25 Nov 2016

Dress to Impress | How to wear Sequin

Holiday season is finally here and I couldn't be happier, apart from late spring this is my absolute favourite time of the year! But every time these weeks approach I get super nervous and am on the edge of suffering a major fashion meltdown because of the question (impossible to answer) about what to wear...

22 Nov 2016

4 Tricks on how to look Stunning in Overknees || Tokyo II

Looking for something to spice up your outfit and add a special touch of oh là là?
And then you see those Overknee boots that have been crying for you to wear them for so long but you just never felt right wearing them?

17 Nov 2016


Sorry about the late update this week but the reason for me to be MIA was that straight after coming home from Bordeaux I re-packed and went to Tokyo with my Mom!!!!!

8 Nov 2016

Merci et Au Bientôt Bordeaux | How to master The Breton

Ok... so my time here in Bordeaux is starting to come to an end.
I'm going back to Hamburg this Saturday after being here for 9 weeks!
I've had the time of my life and will never forget about this incredible experience and this incredibly beautiful town!
I've learned so much about French as a language and culture and I'm very thankful that I could do this trip.
This was actually the very first time I lived on my own and I really enjoyed it :)

So as an homage to my time here in Bordeaux/ France I want to show you how to master and how to wear a Breton shirt, which is symbol for french styling!

2 Nov 2016

Dare I? || 5 ways to show skin the right way

Showing skin is generally considered as sexy and could at some point send wrong signals but at the same time showing skin can add that special unexpected something, you get a small peek but not the entire package!
SO to master this seemingly difficult style you just have to follow these few steps and I promise you, you'll never look or feel too provocative or naked again:

27 Oct 2016

BLOGGIN || How To Survive Without Your Skinny Jeans

What do you do when you have a limited amount of baggage weight and have to decide to only bring one pair of skinny jeans for a 9 week stay in France, and those jeans decide that the zipper needs to be renewed the very first moment you put them on... At first I was in a huge debate with myself, whether I should try and fix it myself or just buy a new pair ?
But then one thought hit me, do you really NEED a pair of skinny jeans?

19 Oct 2016

Bomber Jackets

It wasn't really love at first sight... nor second, but somehow I got convinced in the end!
I'm talking about Bomber Jackets, I wasn't the biggest fan when this trend started to dominate the street style earlier this year, I didn't think that they were ugly or a no-go, I just didn't think that they were for me...

10 Oct 2016


Buying, no finding the perfect pair of jeans is close to impossible, there's either something wrong with the length, the colour, the fit... but I think I've actually found it!

7 Oct 2016

FASHION WEEK Recap || SS 2017

Fashion Month is officially over and now we all know what will be seen and worn around next Spring / Summer. Plenty of Trend-Comebacks and reinventions but also new new ideas to shake up the Fashion World!

4 Oct 2016


It might not be a completely new Trend, but lately more and more girls have started to give the Boyfriendstyle a new twist, by not only wearing your jeans from the mens department but also your T-Shirts! 

1 Oct 2016

Is it Ok to wear Holiday Clothes when you're not on Holiday?

How can it already be October?!?! Where did all the time go? I kind of feel like it was August last week and now September is actually over !(#wakemeupwhenseptemberends?)
I can't believe that this is already our third week here in Bordeaux... We've had an amazing time so far and I'm very much looking forward to the next weeks!
Last weekend we went to Dune du Pilat in Arcachon to enjoy the last days of actual summer (30°C!!!). I already imagined that the dune would be huge but I never expected it to be THAT big, for those of you who don't know, Dune du Pilat is the biggest sand dune in Europe, you actually feel like your in the middle of the desert in Marroko, it's amazing!
But let's focus on todays Oufit, I'm wearing three things that symbolise summer, sun and holiday for me, this relaxed playsuit, my platform espadrilles and the embroiled bag I bought in Mexico!
We all have those items in our closet that we love extremely much, but secretly know are not city appropriate like those lovely espadrilles or that incredibly cool straw bag and that oh so trendy Off-the-Shoulder Top... Normally we're forced to face the fact that when we return from our picture perfect beach vacation, it's time to transition into city proof clothing like boots, sneakers... but honestly,

27 Sep 2016

Military Jacket || The New Fall Classic

Even though we're in the middle of spring/summer Fashion week I think it's time to take our thoughts back to Fall/Winter Fashion Week, and all the trends that will be huge this season. One, that I even mentioned here on MBT previously is the Uniform style, but not uniform as in wearing the same as everyone else or wearing camouflage coloured clothes, but 

20 Sep 2016

The Secret French Styling Essential

After 'living' one week in France I've learned two things:

1. People actually walk around with Baguettes under their arms 
2. Every second (if not every single) woman wears Ankle Boots

13 Sep 2016

RED & YELLOW | La Vie en France

Bonjour les filles et garçons!

We finally arrived in Bordeaux!!!!
I've only been here for three days and I'm already falling in love with this city! I've never been been in Paris but I've been told that Bordeaux is pretty much the same only smaller, which means that it's perfect!
I don't know what it is that I like the most, it could be the buildings and architecture, the people walking around with baguettes, the language or the style!

9 Sep 2016

How to wear a Leather skirt

Leather is quite a tricky fabric to use in your everyday wardrobe if you ask me… there are a lot of things to think of like avoid looking too sexy and provocative or avoid all over biker style, and many more! But despite all those reasons to avoid wearing leather, you should DEFINITELY try and incorporate a piece or two into your wardrobe (if there aren’t already a few pieces).

5 Sep 2016

Baby Blue | Is the Off-Shoulder Trend over?

What do you think abut the new Blog Design???
I was super excited about finally changing the Design and I've actually been thinking about doing it for quite a while now, and now the time has finally come!
I bought this on Designerblogs, so most of it was already Predesigned but I added a few details here and there :)

Todays outfit is the last Off-Shoulder Outfit from my previous Dresslink Review, but definitely not the last Off-Shoulder outfit this season :) 
I've totally fallen for this look, it's very easy to style with basics and still you'll look FABULOUS.
But like every other Trend in the age of today (thanks to social media) you can not keep on wearing something you thought was super fashion-forward because  two months later you see everyone wearing the exact same blouse on Instagram, in Magazines, in your super market...

1 Sep 2016

The critical colour white | How to wear it and pair it

White Jeans... they can look incredible but tend to be quite tricky to wear, there are thousands of questions and worries that keep appearing in your head like: "do they flatter my body shape?", "it's THAT time of month again..." or "am I going to eat or just be near any bright coloured food?"...those are just a few, but worrying about your surroundings and situation that day, the next big question is what to actually wear with it???

30 Aug 2016

Life Update | Summer Job, Family Wedding, Scandisummer and France

Hey Everyone!

After one and a half months in Norway I'm back in Germany!
As you might know I normally spend my summer holiday in Mexico and I've been doing so since I can remember, so this was the very first summer I did something else...

27 Aug 2016

LBD aka. Little Black Dress

-One is never over or under dressed with a Little Black Dress- Oh yes, we've all been there, wondering about what to wear to this special event or the night out with you girls... and then suddenly the idea of the Little Black Dress pops into our mind and we think of how one dress is going to save us sooo much time and effort because you'll totally be wearing it at least 10 times. And then we find ourselves desperately looking for a Black Dress, which we end up wearing once and then start looking for a new Perfect LBD

25 Aug 2016

The Shoe you definitely have to get this Fall!

As Summer is slowly coming to an end we all have to start to embrace the fact that soon our wardrobe will again consist of thick jackets and wool sweaters only, instead of light weight blouses and shorts... but before falling into a winter blues let's think about all those new and amazing styles and trends approaching us this pre-fall! One of them is probably already part of your wardrobe: The Ankle Boot.

11 Aug 2016


Two years ago today a 16 year old me took her phone and suddenly had an idea after scrolling through several blogger's Instagram accounts..."I'm super interested in fashion...I like to take pictures...I love to stay updated in the fashion world...why not start my own blog?"

8 Aug 2016

Got RED Watermelon?

Thanks to an Instagram post I just recently realised during one of those oh so productive hours of the day that you spend scrolling through dozens of instagram accounts, that there is only a very short time of 4 months left to 2016?!?! Like where did those 8 months stay???? This year has passed so fast, yet there are so many more adventures laying ahead of me... but before getting too deep into this, let's start talking about fall Trends!
There are many to discuss but today I want to focus on one: RED

5 Aug 2016

Life Update || Kick Flares & Fringe Jacket

Hey Everyone!

These last few weeks I've been sharing posts from my vacation in LA, my trip to Maastricht and even something from Mexico, but I haven't really told you where I am right now and what I've been up to these last few weeks...

26 Jul 2016

Pyjamas all day || Walk of Fame


What kind of pyjama person are you? Are you the comfy one that wears a Shirt with a pair of Boxer Shorts? Are you the classy type that wears matching pyjama blouses and pants? Or are you the sexy type that wears camisoles?
Either way, this trend has been on and off these last few seasons! And because of the pyjama trend being oh so haut right now i want to show you different ways to create this look.

22 Jul 2016

What is it about this Pink Wall???

When I found out that I was going to LA one of the first things that popped into my head was: PINK WALL.
But why??? There are thousands of things to see and do in LA and one of the first things I could think of visiting was the Pink Wall... 
How is it possible that a plain, pink wall is one of the most photographed and instagramed walls in the whole world? This Question followed me through my entire journey and now I want to find an answer to it!

18 Jul 2016

Socks and Sandals | Fashion Do or Don't ???

One of THE biggest known Fashion faux-pas has to be wearing socks with sandals, you probably all have the image of a tourist with a loose fitting Hawaii Shirt, Camera hanging around the neck and -the oh so dared- flat black sandals with socks in them, no offence, but it's definitely not runway proof! So how is it possible that a style based on socks and sandals has become so popular amongst the fashion crowd?

15 Jul 2016

Classic Button Up || Maastricht

Hey Everyone!

Todays Post is going to be rather short because I'm in the middle of preparing for my Prom tonight, my birthday party tomorrow and packing for Norway... This week has been amazing so far, first I graduated and received my "Abitur", then I got the best present ever, a trip to LA!?!?! And those of you who follow me on Instagram might have already gotten a glimpse of my short vacation there! I completely fell in love with LA, the weather, the people and the restaurants and cafes... just EVERYTHING! Now I'm back in Hamburg and tonight's the big night, I'm super excited :)

11 Jul 2016

Lemon Dress


I graduated two days ago !?!?! I can't believe that I'm actually completely done with high school, now the only thing that is still left is my prom on next Saturday and I'm sooo excited!
But let's get to talk about todays outfit:

4 Jul 2016

Pompons and Flowers

Every Fashion girl knows that a simple blouse can pimp up any outfit and this summer is all about three blouse types:

30 Jun 2016

PINK WALL || Dream University

Hey there!

I just returned from a three day trip to Maastricht, where I visited the University! At first I have to admit I didn't like it very much... it looked like a village without life and movement but when I first saw the city at day I completely fell in love with it and I can't think of a better place to study at! As I already told you in a previous post, I'll be doing a gap year first and then start studying and I think I've decided where: Maastricht :)

27 Jun 2016

Holy Moly || Talking Tops

Ever felt like telling the world that you're having a great day? That sunshine is the best thing you know? Or that you love Strawberries?
Then this trend is going to help you out on doing so without making a fool out of yourself talking to strange people on the streets :)

26 Jun 2016

What not to do while studying || Dresslink Collaboration

As I told you in my previous Post I just passed my last exam which was an oral Latin presentation and even though I tried reaaaally hard to keep myself concentrated during the two weeks of preparation and make the most out of them I just couldn't prevent myself from browsing the wide range of online shops now and then...

15 Jun 2016

Give me Stripes || Paseo de la Reforma

When in doubt, stick to your classic Breton Shirt even if wearing it with a same printed bottom, as for example a Breton skirt ;)
Normally I would opt for a basic to pair with either the striped top or bottom, but then I thought ... why not give it a try and experiment with stripes!
I'ts a bit tricky and you have to be careful that you don't overdo it, but once you  unlock the big secret it's easy!

13 Jun 2016

The Vetemenomenon


Rearranged Vintage Jeans and yellow DHL-employee T-Shirts, sounds like a garage sale to you? Or maybe you've already stumbled upon the name Vetements, does that name ring a bell? If not let me enlighten you!

7 Jun 2016

Summer Stripes

Hi Everyone!

Due to a really bad internet connection I've been MIA for two weeks now here on MBT, but if you follow my Instagram (mariabustosthon) you might now that I'm already back in Hamburg... I miss being in Mexico and I can't wait for the next time I go back, which will be this December... but until then, I still have a lot of outfits to show you which I shouted in Mexico :)
This is one of them;)

25 May 2016

How to Heavy Metallics

Hi Everyone!

If you're looking for something to sparkle up your everyday wardrobe you should definitely try out the Metallic Trend! Especially if you're not the number 1 Fan of the whole man repeller movement of mom jeans or maskuline cut clothes and want to wear something shiny and princess like :)

17 May 2016

The Ultimate Confidence Boosting Top

Hey Everyone!

You've probably all spotted the several Off-Shoulder Tops that are piling up in shops, well I already told you the story behind mine in a previous post (and those of you who haven't read about it can do so here), but today I want to tell you why you definitely shouldn't miss out on this Trend!

12 May 2016

Flower Power Dress

Hey Everyone!

You know what I just noticed? That I didn’t write a german translation to my last post… I really didn’t notice until now…I’m sorry for that :) 
My days here have started to fall into a pattern, waking up at 7.30 and go running in the park, then I go back home get dressed and have breakfast so that at around 12.00 o’clock I’m sitting in the garden either reading something (I just finished Me Before You and I couldn’t stop crying, but definitely my favourite book from now on!) or preparing a blog post, like I am right now. After lunch we normally go some place near our little town or visit family. I wish I could keep on like this forever :) I actually brought some books to study for my last exam (latin) but I haven’t quite found the moment to start start with it ;)
We shooted todays outfit on Sunday when we went on a “roadtrip” to an old factory close to where we live.