4 Dec 2015

Wild Cats

Hi everyone!

I recently found this Leo Print Jacket among a lot of old clothes on my attic, I think I got it a lot of years ago and it's actually a children's coat... I don't remember but I know for sure that it will still totally rock as a winter statement piece!!! I guess we all have those days when nothing in our wardrobe seems to fit together... but don't despair 'cause I have the all-time solution for you. First you have to pick a basic top and bottom (even better when they're the same colour), a pair of shoes which don't make to big of a statement and then, to give your outfit that special touch, put on your Leo Print Jacket/Coat to form the center of the whole attire.

Sweater - Jil Sander 
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Zara
Leo Print Jacket - Vintage


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