8 Dec 2015


Hey everyone!

I just came home from my last exam for this semester!!!! You can not believe how happy I am, there are still some presentations I need to do but most of this years school work is DONE !!! So now I can focus on family, friends and christmas time :)
Today I want to talk about jeans, they are one of, if not the most shopped and worn items all over the world. I'm pretty sure that most of you own at least one pair of jeans which you wear almost everyday, so why shouldn't you posh up your loyal companion a little bit...
In this years spring 2016 fashion shows it became quite clear that this years denim trend is definitely the revival of the 90's, and as seen on the runways of Saint Laurent and Off-White Patchwork Denim is definitely going to be a big thing this spring. So what are you waiting for, you can either go and find your Patchwork Denim in the stores (here) or easily make one yourself (DIY here).



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