23 Nov 2015

Marshmallow World

Hey everyone!

IT’S SNOWING?!?!?!?! At least it was yesterday… but you can’t imagine how happy I got when I saw the first snow flakes falling down from the sky… The first thing I did was to put on my annual Spotify Christmas List and  let the christmas mood fill the entire house… haha of course I had to take advantage of this situation so I got dressed and went outside to take some photos for the blog! They are a bit darker than usual because it was already afternoon and you might know that now in winter times you have to enjoy any light hour you get ‘cause there aint much of them…:) 

This jacket I’m wearing is actually a vintage and I love it !!! I think it’s funny that some Trends tend to come back every now and then like these leather/wool jackets ! But I certainly don’t understand why they shouldn’t be counted as an It- Piece, they keep you warm, they are SUPER comfortable and they look really really cool as well!


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