3 Nov 2015

All about Sleeves

Hi everyone! 

After one month of traveling and visiting new places I'm finally back home...
School started again yesterday and as you can see in this pictures (or you live anywhere in the north of Europe) it's been kind of foggy... You can imagine that it's a bit difficult to have a blog if you still go to school because the best light for pictures is at the same time you're supposed to be at school learning about world history and evolution... 
Today I want to introduce you to one of accessories everyone has clearly underestimated and is a huge to be trend this fall/winter

The Statement Sleeve

whether your sleeves are bell formed, oversized or ruffled (this season you won't make a wrong choice by choosing to wear anything ruffled!) just let them be the center of your outfit :)

Blouse - United Colours of Benetton
Coat - Lucca di Firenze
Jeans - Mango
Belt - Allsaints
Boots - 


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